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  • No longer be exposed to thieves and predators while away from home. WingMate protects your personal contact information from easily being visible to the public while traveling and letting wrong doers know you're not home.
  • Only information that you want to be seen by the public is visible!
  • Aids with recovery of lost or forgotten valuables, and sends a pinpoint on a Google Map of your items location when found!
  • Embedded NFC chip makes it easy for a finder to report your lost items.
  • Scannable QR Code allows anyone with a smart phone or tablet the ability to report your lost articles.


  • 1 WingMate NFC QR Luggage Tag (4x2.7") with Plastic Loop, Matte black with gloss embossed white letters ("Crew" side), thicker than regular luggage tags for extra durability.
  • 24hour Account Access
  • Live Support (During regular business hours)
  • 24hour email Support
  • LostandFound Access for finders reporting a lost article
  • Unlimited Access to the WingMate Forum
  • Exclusive discounts at the WingMate store and

Wingmate Crew Luggage Tag


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